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Did you know that your website is the face of your business? Your website is responsible for your business’ first impression for much of the outside world. It’s often the first thing others see. Twining Original Design, Web Designer Santa Rosa CA, services Santa Rosa and all around Sonoma county, Napa county and the entire North bay area.

Years ago at Twining Original Design, Santa Rosa Web Designer, we came up with a saying. When people would ask what we do, we would tell them that we “build great websites” but more importantly that we “make satisfied customers”. Without our client’s complete satisfaction, our job just isn't finished.

Over the last decade, clients large and small, year in and year out, TOD is proud to deliver professional service to all of our clients in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county, Napa county, and the North bay.


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TOD often will get a desperate call when a site is down or hacked. Time is of the essence and experience is paramount to make certain the problem is resolved quickly and properly as well as to ensure no data is lost. Sometimes the call is a current website owner who needs to upgrade an old outdated website. Older sites sometimes don’t work on mobile devices or may not have the speed to perform well with current technology. TOD, Web Designer Santa Rosa CA, has the experience to do projects from large to small and from custom code to popular CMS frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

Website Designer Santa Rosa

A properly optimized website is step one in creating an effective online marketing plan. TOD, Santa Rosa Web Designers, have the experience know exactly how to best create your presence online and get the marketing message to your target demographics and reach the important company goals you have set to define success.

An often overlooked factor in your business’s online visibility is Social Media. Too often all effort goes into just the website and other online channels are not properly leveraged. TOD makes your social segment a breeze by automating your social posting, blog posts, and measuring all of your engagement with Analytics.

Santa Rosa Web Designers

SEF or “search engine friendly” website standards are something TOD, Web Designer Santa Rosa CA, takes very seriously. All to often websites are scrutinized for their visual appeal and are never really checked to see what the performance is like for searchers. It is these highly valued searchers who make up the very traffic the site was designed to speak to.

Twining Original Design, Santa Rosa Web Designer, creates SEF websites that perform well in search engines. Our thorough 7 phase process means we do all of the behind the scenes work too. We start with goals, optimizing layout, creating graphics and then putting it all together. TOD is not done yet. We also do complete testing and connect the analytics. This is why you can be confident that you will get a superior quality website with visual impact, professional graphics and that will work across platforms from mobile to desktop.

TOD, Website Designer Santa Rosa, will help you rank at the top of search engines

Of course you want to rank at the top of search engines! Google is number one by far, Yahoo! and Bing are all but unused. Do you want to rank on all of them. We can look at the numbers to see what makes sense and what doesn't. TOD, Website Designer Santa Rosa, knows how to get you the traffic and to be successful we need to look at data. All of the marketing decisions at TOD are based on data. Our SEO (search engine optimization) reports are essential data. This data is needed to know if a campaign is working or not. Too many SEO and marketing efforts are run by “feel” and no one realty knows if the investment is paying off. Find out what your payoff will be for an SEO investment by contacting TOD today!