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At Twining Original Design Website Developer Santa Rosa CA we understand that your website is responsible for your business’ first impression by much of the world. Hence the term we coined years ago... “Your website is the face of your business!”

Right now you may be invisible to the mass of online searchers looking to find the very goods or services you offer. With a website that is properly optimized. TOD, Web Developer Santa Rosa, can get you the presence on the web that you desire. TOD does it right by getting to your company’s goals, your specific message, and your target audience. TOD uses multiple factors to develop a website design that works for your target audience and promotes the goals you need to achieve. Common goals are: to sell a product, to sell a service, or have to prospects contact you.


Web Developer in Santa Rosa

At Twining Original Design, Web Developer Santa Rosa, we like to say, “We build great websites, and we make satisfied customers”. We have provided years of superior service to clients in Santa Rosa and the surrounding Sonoma county. Please contact us and we will answer all of your questions about web design and web development process. We have many solutions and know all of the popular CMS frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. Our Web development team also has the ability to code custom developed websites that provide the level of performance you require.

A successful online presence is more than a just putting up a website!

Social Media is a great way to make your business accessible online. TOD can create, manage, and coordinate your social networks by delivering your message, and branding in multiple platforms at once. TOD can automate blog posting, and ensure your website promotes your social media by adding “‘like” and other social media activities, directly to your website.

It is important that every website perform well in search engines. Websites by Twining Original Design, Website Developer Santa Rosa CA, are created to be SEF (“search engine friendly”) and more. TOD’s unique 7 phase process addresses each phase of website development, from graphic design, to coding, and SEO (“search engine optimization”). The end result of this process is a quality website that will perform, look great and most importantly, rank at the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

You may already have a design or concept in mind, or possibly you need help with a custom coded website? TOD, Website Developer Santa Rosa CA, can help.